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Managing Information for Research: Managing research

This guide will highlight strategies to finding, retrieving and evaluation resources


This page provides links to the handouts and the schedule of training facilitated by Dr. Shamin Renwick (Senior Librarian I) 

Assistance with Writing

Tools for Managing Thesis Preparation

UWI Students have access to download MS Office 360, access to 1TB on OneDrive.

The following are examples of suggested software, not endorsements. 

Some are free, with fees for enhanced features. You may have to register. 



Making Lists

Project Management

Note Taking

Data Collection

Data Presentation


Image Editing

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • GIMP

Visualising Data

Data Analysis


  • MS Excel

  • PSPP - free alternative to SPSS

  • SPSS - UWI provides access in Computer Labs

  • R


Mixed Methods

Writing Up

Grammar and Spell Check

Checking for Plagiarism


  • MS OneDrive - UWI students have access to I TB cloud space to save their files.
  • Google Drive - have access with a gmail address
  • Dropbox - 2GB free, check for version control of documents
  • GitHub - version control of code


EndNote 20- Download

EndNote 20 is a programme to manage a database of your references.

  •  You may enter manually or download citation files from information databases. This software allows you to insert your in-text citation and format your list of references in a reference style of your choice. 

Currently, EndNote 20 for Windows and Mac is available for download on the UWI STA student portal. 

Log on to the UWI STA student portal. 

There is a folder called "EndNote 20" on this page in the portal:

Scroll down to EndNote.

Click on EndNote and you will get a memo explaining how to install EndNote 20 for Windows and Mac. 

Click here for my list resources on using EndNote20 - scroll down on the rightside of this page.

{For UWI staff, LAN admins can install on your computer/laptop}


Dr. Shamin Renwick, FCLIP

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Shamin Renwick
Senior Librarian II, School of Education Library, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
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Using the Alma Jordan Library

Conducting and Documenting Research