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School of Education Library, SoE, FHE, UWI, St. Augustine: Referencing

Guide to the resources and services of the School of Education Library

About this page

This page provides info and resources about referencing at SoE STA.

Links to APA style resources 

Links to using EndNote X9

Links to Plagiarism, Citing, Referencing and Copyright info

Aboout using EndNote X9?

EndNote is a commercial software for managing references when writing projects, articles, and theses. It is produced by Thomson Reuters.

Kindly remember that the final output (in-text citations and list of references) depends on the data that you have entered into the EndNote software (or any other reference management software).

ALWAYS review entries (whether manual or downloaded from a database or other online service) for spelling errors, incomplete or incorrect data, or data entered into wrong fields or resource formats

 After inserting your in-text citations and references, convert your paper/thesis to plain text and use a guide or the APA Publication Manual to correct any mistakes.

Known issues with the EndNote APA 7th:

  • Multiple authors: EndNote cannot currently handle APA 7th's approach to 20+ authors. If there are than 20 authors, edit the reference to replace the authors between the 19th and the last author with ellipses (...)
  • Journal reference format: Type of Article: The journal reference format includes the 'Type of Article' field for specific article types, such as editorials or reviews. Remove this field as it should not be displayed for most articles.

EndNote X9 Versions

Citing and Referencing Resources

Citing and Referencing at SoE

APA Style by the American Psychological Association is the referencing style which the UWI thesis guide states should be used by students in the School of Education (SoE), Faculty of Humanities and Education, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.

  • All new students (2020-2021) are to use APA 7th.

  • Current graduate students who are submitting theses this year (2020-2021) may continue in APA 6th (unless the student wishes to do so in APA 7th) and, if submitting theses in 2021-2022, may do so in either 6th or 7th ed. By 2022-2023 - only APA 7th should be used. 

EndNote X9 - Download

EndNote X9 is a programme to manage a database of your references.

  •  You may enter manually or download citation files from information databases. This software allows you to insert your in-text citation and format your list of references in a reference style of your choice. 

Currently, EndNote X9 for Windows and Mac is available for download on the UWI STA student portal. 

Log on to the UWI STA student portal. 

There is a folder called "EndNote X9" on this page in the portal:

Scroll down to EndNote.

Click on EndNote and the files for installing EndNote X9 for Windows and Mac are available for download. 

{For UWI staff, LAN admins can install on your computer/laptop}

Features of Endnote X9

Cite While You Write – insert and manage your citations in MS Word.

Use 6000+ different citation styles 

Collect full-text PDFs in one click – EndNote automatically downloads and attaches free (or subscribed to), online full-text PDFs to your saved references.

Work with PDFs – Organise, rename, annotate, search and open your PDFs directly within EndNote.

Share your research – Invite up to 14 other EndNote X7.4.2 users to access your EndNote library, so they can add to, annotate and use it simultaneously..

Custom and Smart Groups – These provide a way of automatically grouping similar or related references.

Access your research anywhere – Sync your desktop, online and mobile libraries for convenient, multi-platform research.

Network and collaborate – Connect with other researchers via the EndNote Community in EndNote online.

Support for figures & tables – In addition to handling your citations, EndNote can also easily manage all your figures and tables when writing.

Mac® and Windows® compatibility

Add citations to MS PowerPoint slides (Plug in for Windows only)

Safety Notes

General Safety Notes

  • EndNote libraries are made up of two parts: the .enl file and the .Data folder. These two parts must be kept together, both are needed for the library to work correctly.
  • EndNote libraries should be kept on your computer's hard drive. Storing and editing libraries on a network drive can lead to corruption and performance issues.
  • EndNote libraries should not be stored in cloud-syncing folders such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, etc. Syncing folders corrupt EndNote libraries over time. If you do save on cloud services, keep a backup on your local hard drive/external drive/flash drive.
  • Uninstall your previous version of EndNote before installing a new version.
  • References in EndNote libraries can be synchronized between desktop and laptop computers, the online library, and an iOS device using EndNote Sync.
  • Complete EndNote libraries can be shared with other EndNote X7, X8, or X9 users through EndNote Sync and Library Sharing.

SoE STA Resources for APA style

EndNote X9 Update

EN X9.3.3 update is available for download, so you can update your current or new installation.

EndNote X9 Resources

Other UWI LibGuides on EndNote

Using EndNote X9 Online