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School of Education Library, SoE, FHE, UWI, St. Augustine: UWI Theses - SoE

Guide to the resources and services of the UWI STA School of Education Library

About this page

This page provides information for School of Education (SoE) students doing research papers and theses at UWI STA.

  • UWI Thesis Guide
  • Turnitin Submissions
  • Thesis Word Count
  • Thesis Formatting Guidelines
  • Thesis LIbrary Check
  • Thesis Submission for Examination Process

Thesis Submission for Examination Process

UWI Thesis Guide

The UWI Thesis Guide (2015) formatting guidelines override the APA style (SoE selected style) formatting guidelines for project and theses at UWI

However, APA citing and referencing style should be followed. See APA LIbguide.

Thesis/Project Formatting Guidelines [MEds; MPhils & PhDs]

Library Thesis Check

Turnitin Submission

A Turnitin originality report is to be submitted along with an e-copy of your thesis (as well as accompanying forms).

For the purposes of this Turnitin submission, SGSR suggests that only the Chapters of your thesis (not the preliminary pages, references nor appendices) are passed through Turnitin.

You can access the Turnitin submission page on your Myelearning portal.


Thesis Word Count

School of Education (SoE) students not to exceed:

For PhDs - 80,000 words excluding references and appendices

For MPhils -50,000 words excluding references and appendices

For MEds - 15,000 words excluding references and appendices

See p. 6 of the UWI Thesis Guide