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Managing Information for Research: Theses

This guide will highlight strategies to finding, retrieving and evaluation resources

Searching for Theses

In order to find out if your study is original, you need to check theses already completed. Often you may find a methodology or many references which are useful in conducting and writing up your own thesis.

Free Abstracts of theses

General thesis writing advice

Searching for Theses at UWI

UWI Theses

Thesis Finding Aids

Apart from searching the various links on this page, you may search individual university repositories which usually contain theses and dissertations. Quite often there is no full-text but you can use our Document Delivery/InterLibrary Loan Service to get a full-text copy if it is available. Often older theses are not available full-text but it may be possible to get an abstract at least.

Access to Theses - some full-text