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Managing Information for Research: Copyright

This guide will highlight strategies to finding, retrieving and evaluation resources

Contents of this page

What is copyright

Crediting web-based materials in course presentations

UWI Copyright - links and documents

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Useful resources

Resources on the Public Domain

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What is copyright?

Copyright is defined in the Copyright Act of Trinidad and Tobago as:

“a property right which subsists in literary and artistic works that are original intellectual creations in the literary and artistic domain, including in particular-

  • Books, pamphlets, articles, computer programs and other writings;
  • Speeches, lectures, addresses, sermons and other works of the same nature;
  • Dramatic works, dramatico-musical works, pantomimes, choreographic works and other works created for stage productions;
  • Stage productions of works mentioned in paragraph (c);
  • Musical works, with or without accompanying words;
  • Audio-visual works;
  • Works of architecture;
  • Works of drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, lithography, tapestry and other works of fine art;
  • Photographic works;
  • Works of applied art;
  • Illustrations, maps, plans, sketches, and three-dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture or science.”

Crediting Web-based Materials in Course Presentations