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HIST1703 Introduction to History: Research Help


    Have a BIG research paper due? Need help researching?

Contact a Reference Librarian via instant message or email to setup a research appointment! We are happy to help you learn how to better your research skills and strategies. 

Steps in Doing A Research

Prepare for the research- Define the topic; Brainstorm keywords that describe your topic

Locate appropriate sources- Search UWILINC & the Internet to identify and select sources

Locate information within the sources- Read, evaluate and make notes from sources selected; Note bibliographic details required to prepare proper and complete citations for sources used

Organize the information- Answer the questions which your topic generated

Transfer of learning; Put it all together-  Write the first draft of your paper and correctly cite sources 

Evaluate the task, strategies- Consider whether your prepared answer is complete and cohesive; Have others look at your paper; Revise and improve based on critique received

Think Historically

Critically Evaluate Information

Avoid Plagarism