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HIST1703 Introduction to History: Home


This guide has been created to help you locate resources for research that support the course, HIST1703- Introduction to History.

It provides an overview of the topic of historiography and helpful tips for effectively utilizing UWILINC to locate print and electronic resources related to the study of history as an academic subject discipline.


The Department of History and Archaeology, Mona Campus


When searching UWILINC, try using the following as subject terms:

  • Historiography
  • History- Philosophy
  • History- Methodology
  • Aesthetics- History

Also try linking these terms with geographic locators or with themes.

E.g. Historiography AND Jamaica or History- Philosophy AND economics


Bringing Your Library to You!

The Lessons of History

History vs Historiography

Liaison Librarian- History and Archaeology

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Tanya Manassi
West Indies and Special Collections

Main Library, Mona

Ext.# 3595

Tel.#: 970-6595

The University of the West Indies, Mona Library


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