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Thesis Consultation, Thesis Scrutiny & Information Literacy Sessions @ Mona Information Literacy Unit (MILU), UWI Mona Library: Welcome

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Contact Information:


The MILU office is located at the Main Library across from the Office of the Campus Librarian.

Staff Members of MILU: 
  • Yolanda Tugwell - Librarian
  • Ms. Suzette Brown - Library Assistant

Welcome to the Mona Information Literacy Unit (MILU)



The mission of the Mona Information Literacy Unit is to ensure that all students are equipped with the necessary IL competencies to empower them to become lifelong learners, as articulated by the university’s administration.


To increase the level of information literacy at the university (Mona Campus) by developing information literate students by:

  • Adopting an Information Literacy Policy that will include specific student learning outcomes.
  • Promoting Information Literacy across campus
  • Increasing and developing a cadre of staff including teaching librarians to successfully carry out the mission of the unit. 
  • Expanding instruction opportunities for information skills for both students and faculty.
  • Expanding the number of collaborative sessions and thereby strengthening the information competencies of students
  • Designing and creating additional instruction programmes including online self-paced modules
  • Developing comprehensive resource material

Outcomes of MILU’s Information  Literacy programme
It is designed to assist students to:

  • Recognize the need for relevant information
  • Define the task/assignment  for which information is needed
  • Locate the appropriate sources of information
  • Locate the information within a resource
  • Understand, appreciate, evaluate, select relevant information for the task/assignment
  • Record, organize and reference the work created accurately to avoid plagiarism
  • Present the information gathered/learned in the appropriate format stipulated by the task/assignment
  • Evaluate the work created in terms of the requirements of the task/assignment and also in terms of the strategies used to create work

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