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Engineering @ UWI Mona Library: Citation Style

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Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed.

The Chicago Manual of Style (Author- Date) is the citation style which the UWI Thesis Guide states should be used by students in the Faculty of Engineering.


Please note that the guidance provided by The UWI Thesis Guide (formatting, layout  etc.) takes precedence over that offered by CMOS.

Chicago's Two Systems of Source Citations

Overview:14.2: Chicago’s two systems of source citation

Chapter Contents / Source Citations: An Overview

This chapter describes the first of Chicago’s two systems of source citation, which uses notes, whether footnotes or endnotes or both, usually together with a bibliography. The notes allow space for unusual types of sources as well as for commentary on the sources cited, making this system extremely flexible. Because of this flexibility, the notes and bibliography system is preferred by many writers in literature, history, and the arts. Chicago’s other system—which uses parenthetical author-date references and a corresponding reference list as described in chapter 15—is nearly identical in content but differs in form. The author-date system is preferred for many publications in the sciences and social sciences but may be adapted for any work, sometimes with the addition of footnotes or endnotes. For journals, the choice between systems is likely to have been made long ago; anyone writing for a journal should consult the specific journal’s instructions to authors (and see 14.3).

Faculty of Engineering uses the Author - Date System of citation.

Using the Author-Date System

Online access is available to The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition through UWIlinC- the Library's online portal by logging in with your UWI ID and password used on SAS.

Please see:

15.5: The author-date system—overview

Chapter Contents / Basic Format, with Examples and Variations

The author-date system is used by many in the physical, natural, and social sciences and is recommended by Chicago for works in those areas. Sources are cited in the text, usually in parentheses, by the author’s last (family) name, the publication date of the work cited, and a page number if needed. Full details appear in the reference list—usually titled “References” or “Works Cited”—in which the year of publication appears immediately after the author’s name (see fig. 15.1). This arrangement makes it easy to follow a text citation to the corresponding full source in the reference list. (In electronic formats, text citations may be linked to their corresponding reference list entries.)

Recommended Citation Style Books