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UWI Mona Library Orientation: Virtual Tours & Branch Information

Learn about the library, its people, resources and services.

Main Library

The Main Library, built in 1952, houses collections in Humanities, Education, Social Sciences as well as General  Reference. The West Indies and Special collections at the Main Library has unique and rare resources from the West Indies.


Law Library

The Law Branch Library, at the Mona Campus, began its operations on March 14, 2011. It is located on the third and fourth floors of the Faculty of Law building. The Library provides legal information and reference assistance firstly to the Faculty of Law, Mona and to the rest of the University community both face to face and electronically. The Library also provides conditional access to other users such as government departments and legal professionals in the Caribbean.

Medical Branch Library

The Medical Branch Library is located on the University Hospital of the West Indies compound and houses the Library's collection in the clinical medicine and nursing and allied health professions.  It serves mainly the staff and students of theFaculty of Medical Sciences.

The Basic Medical Sciences collections are located in the Science Branch Library.

The Medical Library is the focal point for the Medcarib Network which is a sub regional network for the English speaking Caribbean countries within the Latin America and Caribbean Health Sciences Information Network (BIREME).  The Medical Branch Library is a participant in the Jamaica Virtual Health Library.

Science & Engineering Branch Library

The Science Branch Library was opened in 1973.  It is located to the south of the Physics Department in the Pure and Applied Sciences complex.  The collection covers resources in Pure and Applied Sciences, Pre-clinical Medicine, Agriculture, Technology, Physical Geography and some aspects of the Environmental Sciences. 

Resources on the political, social and economic aspects of Geography and the Environmental Sciences are housed in the Main Library. The Science Library is the focal point of CARDIN (Caribbean Disaster Information Network) established in 1999. 

UWI Western Jamaica Campus Branch Library

The Western Jamaica Campus Library began full operations on August 25, 2008.  The library’s collections support the courses offered at U.W.I. Western Jamaica Campus including: Hospitality and Tourism Management; Accounting and Financial Management; Management Studies, History and Psychology; Public Relations; Digital Media; Management and Information Sciences; Nursing and Medical Sciences.  The Library provides services to the campus community of just under 1,000 students in addition to staff members.