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Veterinary Medicine -- Resources for the School of Veterinary Medicine (UWISTA): Websites - Selected

Useful Websites

​​​​​​​Key Resource

Merck Veterinary Manual (website) 
The Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) covers all domestic species and diseases in veterinary medicine worldwide. This website provides free access to Merck Veterinary Manual content, vet news, infographics, quizzes, case studies, etc.

AVMA Animal Health Studies Database (AAHSD)
This database connects you with veterinary clinical trials reported by researchers. Find studies related to a wide range of animal healthcare issues, including diabetes, arthritis, and cancers such as lymphoma, osteosarcoma, or hemangiosarcoma. Individual studies may be suitable for dogs, cats, horses, or other animals.

Consultant: A Diagnostic Support System for Veterinary Medicine
A diagnostic support system for veterinary medicine. May be used to suggest possible diagnoses or causes for clinical signs and to provide a brief synopsis of the diagnosis/cause including 1) a general description, 2) species affected, 3) the signs associated with it, and 4) a list of recent literature references.

NIH/NLM Veterinary Science Search and Veterinary Information Resources
The MEDLINE®/PubMed® Veterinary Science search retrieves citations to journal literature, combining subject search terms, title words, and veterinary and animal health journal titles. See the search strategy.

Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM)
OVAM is a collection of anatomy resources organized into categories according to the species, system, and region covered. ...The museum hosts digital assets from over 15 institutions including all the UK veterinary schools and vet schools in the rest of Europe, India, and Australasia.