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Find out more about the citing and referencing style manuals for your discipline.

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This Guide lists recommended style manuals by Faculty: Engineering | Food & Agriculture | Humanities & Education | Law | Medical Sciences | Science & Technology | Social Sciences | Sport

The listings have been excerpted and modified from the full list of recommended style manuals in The UWI Thesis Guide (2015)

The Guide links to:

  • Various online research guides and/or handouts (UWI STA Campus Libraries) which provide guidance on the styles OR
  • The style manuals

If after referring to this Guide you are still unsure of which referencing style you should use, kindly check with your Lecturer/Academic Supervisor or do contact us.

If after consulting the respective style research guides, handouts, and manuals, you are still in need of advice on how to cite/reference specific materials, do also contact us.

If you are in need of a tool to help you collect, organise, create, share citations, and more, then the reference management software, EndNote, might be of interest (i.e. refer to the box to the bottom right of this page).

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The UWI STA Campus Libraries offer access to the reference management software, EndNote 20.