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The UWI Mona Honorary Graduands Citations: Doctor of Laws

Page features citations, publications and biographical information on recipients of higher degrees at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

Recipients Doctor of Laws


Citation for recipients of the Doctors of Laws (LLD) Honorary Degrees conferred by The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

The UWI Mona awards the Doctor of Laws, an honorary degree commonly conferred to persons because of their work in finance, philanthropy, entrepreneurial work and similar areas.

This page features recipients of the Doctor of Laws:

  1. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

  2. Aaron Joseph Matalon 

  3. Lucille Mathurin- Mair

  4. Clive Hubert Lloyd

  5. Glen L. L. Mills

  6. Gloria Delores Knight

  7. Herbert Henry McKenley

  8. Dennis Hugh Lalor

  9. Roy Marshall

  10. John S. Mordecai 

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, former president of South Africa was the embodiment of selfless sacrifice for humanity. Freedom fighter one of the persons whose visions, thoughts and actions served to inspire millions the world over despite decades of anguish. He exhibited an indomitable spirit.

Nelson Mandela was a champion for a better world, because of his dedication to achieve such cause he was awarded The Noble Peace Prize in 1993. Nelson served as President of South Africa and was vital to the ending of apartheid regime. In 1991, The University's Official Visitor's Book, Mr. Mandela wrote "To receive a honorary degree from this famous centre of learning is tremendous inspiration to the South African Anti-Apartheid Struggle".  

On his visit to The UWI Mona Campus, on July 24, 1991 Mr. Mandela was conferred with the Doctor of Laws (LLD) during a special convocation.


Lucille Mathurin-Mair

Lucille Mathurin-Mair

Lucille Mathurin-Mair was a distinguished, eminent woman. She was a woman of vigor and purpose who knew the true worth of woman and dedicated the rest of her life to prove woman's worth. She was the first warden of Mary Seacole Hall with a mission of imparting her understanding of the true value of a woman to young girls.

Lucille Mathurin-Mair, was the first woman to hold the title of Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. Her work with the UN began as Jamaica's Deputy Permanent Representative between 1975 and 1978. She also worked as Consultant Regional Coordinator for Women and Development Studies between 1985 - 1989 at The UWI Mona.

On November 6, 1993, Lucille Mathurin Mair was conferred with the Doctor of Laws (LLD) by The University of the West Indies, Mona.

Gloria Delores Knight

Gloria Dolores Knight

Gumptious Gloria, when thinking about Gloria Dolores Knight, gumption is the first word to describe such free spirited lady. Gloria Samms, prior to attending the University College of the West Indies, was sixth form student at St. Andrews High School for Girls. Gloria had dreams of attending Colombia University which was aborted when she found that an Arts Faculty was being opened at Mona, thus began her journey of greatness. Her mind was set on becoming a teacher, thus after completing her BA, she became one of the first students of the Faculty of Education.

Gloria was the first UCWI graduate to be accepted into the scheme of administrative cadetship in the Jamaica Civil Service. She attained the rank of Principal Assistant Secretary after fifteen years of service. In furthering her studies, she attended both Oxford and McGill University.

Gloria later became the first General Manager for the Development Corporation. Despite many great achievements, Gloria was still humble to contribute to the university serving as a member of the Finance and General Purpose Committee Council, Mona. She moved on to become the first Chief Executive of Jamaica Mutual. 

On this day May 6, 1989, Gloria Dolores Knight, was granted The Doctor Of Laws (LLD) by The UWI Mona Campus.

Glen Mills

Glen L. L. Mills

Glen L. L. Mills, OD, CD is a world renowned sprint coach, who's distinguished career began at Camperdown High School. His work influence has spanned decades with Donald Quarrie among his better known athletes. He led the Camperdown team to Boys Champs and the Penn Relays where in 1989 the 4x100M Team was inducted into the Wall of Fame.

Mills holds that his coaching is not one-dimensional, but representative of an approach that address physical training as well as life skills and values. With this he holds that his athletes will fulfil their full potential on and off the track.

Mr. Glen Mills was conferred with the degree, Doctor of Laws (LLD) in November 2012 on the Mona Campus.

Roy Marshall

Roy Marshall

Roy Marshall was a Barbadian national who furthered his Law career in England. Roy studied at the Pembrooke College, Cambridge left with First Class Honor and went on the the University College London. He was assistant lecturer there and later received doctorate degree and became lecturer and Dean of the Faculty Of Law.

Marshall served at many Universities across the world. He served as Vice Chancellor of The University of The West Indies. Roy Marshall was an advisor to the Barbados Delegation at there independence conference. 

Roy served as Chairman of the Conciliation Committee for the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire. 

On November 24,1976 Roy Marshall was awarded a Doctor of Laws Degree (LLD) by The University of The West Indies.

Aaron Joseph Matalon

Aaron Joseph Matalon

Aaron Joseph Matalon was born in 1919 to Joseph and Florizel Matalon. At 16 years old, Aaron was working as a travelling salesman for his family's company, Matalon & Co. He learned all the operations of the company up to the passing of his father in 1944 when he became manager for the business. 

Matalon has made sterling contribution to the economic and social development of Jamaica. He promoted the expansion of Jamaica's manufacturing industry, serving as President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, the Jamaica Save-The-Children Fund and Chairman of Things Jamaican.

On November 15, 1986, Aaron Joseph Matalon was recognized for his work and contribution when he was conferred with the degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) by The University of the West Indies, Mona. 

Clive Hubert Lloyd

Clive Hubert Lloyd 

Clive Hubert Lloyd, born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1944. The game of cricket was an integral part of his childhood and he worked to excel at this game. Clive Lloyd joined the West Indies Cricket Team as a batsman, but he was also a marvelous fielder and bowler when the occasion demanded. Lloyd led the West Indies Cricket Team as Captain for 74 test matches. Within these 74 tests, the team won 36 matches and lost only 12. Clive Lloyd is described as giving the West Indies Cricket Team the habit of winning.

Lloyd was the first person to receive an honorary degree from The University for their athletic prowess in sport.

On November 16, 1985, Clive Hubert Lloyd, was granted the Doctor of Laws (LLD) by The UWI Mona Campus.

Herbert McKenley

Herbert Henry McKenley

Herbert Henry McKenley, displayed an era of brilliance in the area of track and field. It was Leo Johnson who saw the potential world champion in McKenley. Herbert McKenley, at the fifth Central America and Caribbean Games Baranquilla, won four medals, one of which was a gold medal. Milwaukee July 1948 was where Herb created history, when he became the first person to run the 400 metres in less than 46 seconds. Despite suffering from influenza, McKenley attained bronze in the 100, 200 and 400 metres at the first Pan American Games, Buenos Aires 1951. At this event he created history by being the first male athlete to win a medal in all three events at a major the same games.

After many years of dominance, he contributed to the field of athletics not only by winning medals but by being a coach and administrator. He tried to inspire young athletes with not only words of encouragement but by trying to attain scholarships for young athletes. He was inducted into the Jamaica Sports Hall of Fame, one of many he was inducted in.

On November 5, 1994, Herbert Henry McKenley, was awarded The Doctor of Laws (LLD) by The UWI Mona Campus.

Dennis Hugh Lalor

Dennis Hugh Lalor

The Honorable Dennis Hugh Lalor has been often described as the "exemplar of  success in the business world". Dennis was a past student of Kingston College who had to leave school due to financial circumstances.

Dennis Hugh Lalor has made a mark in leadership. This can be seen with the fact that Lalor served as a member of the Privy Council of Jamaica, Chairman of the ICWI group of companies. Dennis was a former president of the Jamaica Privat Sector Organization of Jamaica, Chairman of the University of the West Indies Empowerment and Development Fund and Former Chairman of both The Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission and Racing Commission of Jamaica. These were some of the many notable roles he played in Jamaica and the world at large. 

Out all the achievements one of his of the most unforgettable would be being one of the first two West Indians to earn The ACII qualification. 

On November 6, 1993, Dennis Hugh Lalor was conferred with a Doctor of Laws degree by The UWI Mona.


John Mordecai

John Mordecai


John Mordecai was recognized by Her Majesty, The Queen after three decades of public service and was in 1955 conferred with the Most Noble Honor of St. Michael and St. George. 

John was the head of Treasury for Finance and Development and the New Local Government sector to coordinate financial practices of both the Kingston Municipal and Water Commission. 

John Mordecai was first was in his latter part of his life led Public Service Commission and Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation. He dedicated five years to be the head of the Development and Planning Unit at The University of The West Indies.

John Mordecai was conferred with a Doctor of Laws Degree (LLD) by The University of The West Indies, Mona.

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