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Library Guide: Language, Linguistics & Philosophy: Language, Linguistics & Philosophy

Introduction to UWIlinC

UWIlinC brings together UWI information resources from across the English-speaking Caribbean in all formats including UWI's intellectual output, subscribed resources (electronic journals, databases, electronic books) and the catalogues for all four UWI campuses.

English Language Minor and Electives

The members of the English Language Section (ELS) believe that effective communication contributes to a successful life. We are therefore dedicated to equipping students with effective communication tools.

Our courses focus on written and oral communication in a variety of formal contexts, and they afford students opportunities to practice communicating with imagined and real audiences. The ELS Foundation (FOUN) courses help new students develop academic literacies for transitioning effectively into communicating well in their disciplines while our English Language (LANG) courses help senior students develop professional literacies.

Linguistics Major, Minor and Undergraduate Courses

What is Linguistics 

Linguistics is the study of one of the most important human characteristics: language. It is an interdisciplinary field that involves the integration of the natural sciences, the medical sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Studying linguistics is not a matter of learning lots of different languages, but rather it is the study of language in general. It is the study of the essential nature of any human language.

Philosophy Major, Minor & Undergraduate Courses

What is Philosophy

The discipline of philosophy is concerned with sustained reflection on central questions of human existence and experience. It provides an opportunity for the study of, and reflection on, issues of ultimate and general nature, which have exercised the minds of humanity throughout the ages. These issues relate to questions of ultimate meaning and human values, which instils in the human mind a sense of wonder and leads to inquiry and perennial investigation of questions that have deep significance in their relation to the human condition and the nature of being in general.

Philosophy is about: 

  • Teaching us to reflect on human intellectual history in areas of deepest concern to us.
  • Forcing us to ponder questions, the answers to which we assume in our daily lives without first asking the questions.
  • Helping us to be more critical and systematic in our thoughts, speech and writing.
  • Questioning the methods and practices of all other areas of knowledge, e.g. science, history, law, language.:

Career Options with a degree in Language, Linguistics & Philosophy


  • Customs Officer
  • Copywriter
  • Translator
  • Investment Analyst
  • Foreign Language Teacher  


  • Linguist
  • Forensic Linguist
  • Technical Writer
  • Computational Linguist
  • Linguistics Professor 


  • Marketing Consultant
  • Research Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer