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Here are a few from the collection:

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The Political Culture of Democracy in Jamaica and in the Americas, 2012:Towards Equality of Opportunity

By: Anthony Harriott; Balford A Lewis; Mitchell A Seligson; University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica). Centre for Leadership and Governance.; Vanderbilt University (Latin American Public Opinion Project, AmericasBarometer survey); United States Agency for International Development. 2013

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By: Heeks, Richard. In: Routledge Research in Information Technologyand Society. Edition: Taylor & Francis e-Library ed. London : Routledge. 2002. 
  book cover
By:  Zacaïr, Philippe  2010.
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By: Baldwin, Nicholas. In: Library of Legislative Studies.  2012. 

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By: Sjoberg, Laura; Tickner, J. Ann.  2011.
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Ethics and Management in the Public Sector

By: Lawton, Alan; Rayner, Julie; Lasthuizen, Karin. In: Routledge Masters in Public Management. 2012.

 book cover
By: Shemak, April  2010.
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Democratic Futures : Revisioning Democracy Promotion

By: Kurki, Milja. In: Interventions. Hoboken. 2013.

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The Modern State

By: Pierson, Christopher.  2011.

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Does Foreign Aid Really Work?

By: Riddell, Roger. 2007.

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Postcolonial Theory and International Relations : A Critical Introduction

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Gender Matters in Global Politics : A Feminist Introduction to International Relations

By: Shepherd, Laura J.  2010. 

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Politics : The Basics

By: Tansey, Stephen D.; Jackson, Nigel A.  2008.


 Book Jacket

Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration : Concepts and Cases

By: Cox, Raymond W. Armonk.  2009


From ProQuest Central database.


  • Broadcast on the Winds: Diasporic Politics in the Age of Garvey, 1919--1940
    Ewing, Adam. Harvard University, 2011

  • Dispatches from the frontline: The 1981 Brixton riots and the restructuring of black British identity
    Gray, Donna E. University of Maryland. 2009

  • Staying Connected to Home: The Use of Social Media by the Howard University English-Speaking Caribbean Student Diaspora. 
    Caruth, Roger. Howard University. 2013
  • Haitian immigrants and their descendants (HIDs): Cultural expression issues and challenges in Cuba and the Dominican Republic
    Pereira, Emmanuel. The Florida State University. 2013
  • Community violence in Trinidad and Tobago: Government inaction, drug blocks, and resident survival
    Adams, Ericka. University of Illinois at Chicago. 2010


Credit: Jacqueline Howell Nash

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks: Hardcopy

HARDCOPY: These are in the MERIC room, on the groundfloor. Don't overlook them!   Some are on the "open shelves" upstairs, top floor, in Reading Room II. A UWIlinC search will indicate the "Location."

  • A Dictionary of Modern Politics / David Robertson.

  • The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations Graham Evans Jeffrey Newnham 

  • The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought  

  • Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy  edited by Jack Rabin.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Public Management / edited by Ewan Ferlie, Laurence E. Lynn, Jr. and Christopher Pollitt.

  • The Penguin biographical dictionary of women.

  • A Dictionary of Politics, by Florence Elliott and Michael Summerskill.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Strategy : a strategy overview and competitive strategy / edited by David O. Faulkner and Andrew Campbell.

  • The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World / editor in chief, Joel Krieger ;

  •  Encyclopedia of Government and Politics / edited by Mary Hawkesworth and Maurice Kogan.

  • The Illustrated Dictionary of Constitutional Concepts / Robert L. Maddex.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries: Online

Book JacketEncyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy edited by Jack Rabin.

Book JacketThe Routledge Dictionary of Politics By: Robertson, David. Edition. 2004.

Journals: Hardcopy

(A selection)

A Journal of Representative Politics (Oxford University Press) JN101.P3
Open Shelf, Main Library (top floor)

PS, Political Science & Politics (American Political Science Association) JA1 .P65 

Open Shelf, Main Library (top floor)

Perspectives on Politics (American Political Science Association) JA1 .P485
Open Shelf, Main Library (top floor)

N.B. Most of our journals are online and accessible through UWIlinC & the subscrption databases : LOG IN

Journals: Online

  • There are about 742 e-journals on political science including government documents e.g. African Communist
  • About 121 have the term "politics" in the title  e.g. Journal of Politics in Latin America, Administration and Society, Journal of Democracy.
  • Use UWILinC and search in the Articles by Subject box. If you choose  a broad search term e.g. Caribbean Politics,  then filter by "Peer-reviewed Journals"  and filter again by "Full-Text Online" you will get about 14,537 results.
    These should be filtered again and/or additional keywords should be used.
    The result will be fewer, more manageable results.   
  • If you do the same search again but this time insert quotation marks i.e. "Carbbean politics" you retrieve about 141 results.

BOOKS: Online


By: Trevor Munroe. 2002

BOOKS: Hardcopy


Human Rights & Human Development Issues in Jamaica.

Lloyd Barnett; S. C Vasciannie (Stephen C.); United Nations Development Programme. 2003

Combating Corruption in Jamaica : a Citizen's Guide / Published by the Carter Center in collaboration with Sangster's Bookstore Ltd.
Lloyd Barnett; Trevor Munroe. 2000

The Constitutional Law of Jamaica. Lloyd G. Barnett. 1977

The Jamaican Constitution : basic facts and questions. Lloyd G. Barnett. 1992

Introduction to politics.  Tony Bogues, Christine Cummings. 1997
Fifty major political thinkers.  Ian Adams 1943- R.W Dyson. 2007


A selection. These are housed in the West Indian & Special Collections. Bring a pencil, no pens.

  • The Politics of Identity, Space and Nationhood :the Cultural Significance of Spanish-speaking Migrants on Antigua
    Stanley H. Griffin. 2013

  • Public Policy and Management for Culture and the Arts in Post-independence Trinidad and Tobago.Parts 1 and 2: a Crisis of Concept, Value and Incremental Indifference
    Lester Efebo Wilkinson. 2012

  • A History of Barbados' Foreign Policy, 1966 to 1988
    Ricardo Trevor Leroy Kellman. 2011

  • Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw :the Construction of a Caribbean Hero
    Carleen Payne Jackson. 2009

  • Political Parties and Election Campaign Financing in Jamaica : Analysis and Proposal in the Context of Global Experience 
    Tameka Hastings. 2007