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"If government is who and what, then governance is who, what and how.

Governance is more than just the political regime of a state or the hierarchical structure of an organization. Governance is the ways, means and attitudes adopted by those in power. It's the way authority is exercised and resources are managed for social and/or economic development.

Emphasis is on the exercise of power and whether this leads to effective, equitable, empowering and just leadership.

Good governance varies depending on what's being governed, but common elements include clear vision, strategic goals, participation, mediation of varied interests, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and inclusiveness.

It is also recognized that governance won't be fully effective if potential contributions and needs of relevant stakeholders are not thoughtfully considered, managed and coordinated in ways that optimize strengths and promote effective interaction.

Within political regimes, stakeholders include the state, private enterprise, and the general populace. Within corporations it includes management, clients, consumers and employees, as well as community and government."

Source: Credo Reference Database

"Governance". 2007. In The Social Science Jargon-buster, Zina O'Leary. London: Sage UK.


Welcome to the Mona Library's subject guide highlighting resources for politics, governance and 
the programmes of the Department of Government
 in the Faculty of Social Sciences, 
University of the West Indies, Mona campus - Jamaica. 
Credit: Jacqueline Howell Nash

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This subject guide is designed to increase your awareness and use of the Mona Library's resources. It can help you to locate the resources, whether online or in hardcopy.

Note: This subject guide incorporates the contributing countries of the University of the West Indies and the members and associate members of CARIICOM including Suriname, Haiti and Guyana.


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