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Interlibrary loan allows a patron to request through his/her local library materials from, or supplies to, another library. The purpose of interlibrary loan is to make available to patrons upon request, materials not available in the local library.

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The interlibrary loan service provides the users of the University of the West Indies library with access to library resources that are not owed or available in a particular branch library closest to the user.

Interlibrary loan is an important part of The University of the West Indies (UWI) Library’s commitment to providing students, faculty and general staff members with the information resources required for teaching,  learning, and research.  This guide will inform you about interlibrary loan and seeks to assist in successfully completing the interlibrary loan process.  The steps outlined in this guide should help to speed up the  turn around time in accessing and delivering library resources, so that all parties involved can be satisfied.

Interlibrary loan (abbreviated ILL,) is a service whereby a user of one library can have access to resources owned by another library. The user makes a request with their local library, which, in its intermediary role, identifies owners of the desired item, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the user, and arranges for its return. The lending library usually sets the terms and conditions and overdue fees of the material borrowed.

The aim of Interlibrary loan should always be to find the most cost effective method of service delivery. An increase in the number of reciprocal arrangements with various local and overseas partners will help to achieve this.

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