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Circulation & Access Services: Library Rules

This guide relates to the borrowing polices and library services offered by the Alma Jordan Library at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies

Library Rules

No library material may be removed from the Library unless it has been legitimately charged out at the Loans Desk and the date label stamped by the member of staff on duty. A user is responsible for any item borrowed in his/her name. This responsibility ends only when the loan is officially cancelled.

Users are responsible for the condition in which books are returned to the library.

Items that are in poor condition should not be borrowed, but will be held for students pending repairs at the Bindery.

It shall be the responsibility of the reader to ensure that the Admission's Office, and thereby the Library, has been supplied with details of the reader's current address. The last reported address shall be treated as the current address in all correspondence; any failure on the user’s part to pass on new address information will not be treated as a mitigating circumstance in applying the Library’s rules.

Please note:

a) The Library is provided exclusively for the purpose of academic study and research. Any conduct inconsistent with this purpose or detrimental to its pursuit by others shall constitute a breach of these rules.

b) The University requires that students display I.D. cards at all times. All library users must comply with this rule.

c) Silence shall be observed in the Library.

d) No bags exceeding 10" x 6" x 4" or 20cm x 15cm x 10cm may be brought inside the Library. 

e) Laptop computers on battery power may be used in the Library.

f) Pagers must be used with discretion and cellular phones may only be used in designated areas.

g) Chairs and tables and other library equipment, fittings and furniture may not be marked, defaced or rearranged.

h) Food or drink MUST NOT be brought into the library.

i) The Library has been designated a smoke-free area and smoking is strictly forbidden.

j) Books, periodicals, etc., taken from shelves and used in the Library should be left on the tables after use and NOT replaced on the shelves.

k) Users leaving the Library must show all books, folders, periodicals, papers, etc., to the security staff. Users may also be required to open for inspection any receptacle carried out of the Library.

l) All members of the Library and security staff are empowered to require users to comply with these rules.

m) The Librarian shall at all times have authority to maintain good order in the Library and may exclude from it or suspend from its use any user who breaks these rules.

n) Patrons who infringe library rules may have their loan and computer lab privileges suspended upon the discretion of the Librarian. In addition, the Librarian may report to the appropriate University authority any person responsible for serious or persistent breach of these rules; such conduct by any member of the University community shall be considered a breach of University discipline.