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Referencing and formatting with APA 7th ed. (STA): APA Formatting

Handout covers APA 7th ed. style for in-text citaiton, references and formating (the latter is for student papers)

Contents of this page


(regarding student assignments)

APA 7th formatting 

APA 7th heading levels

APA 7th cover page format

Formatting changes from APA 6th to 7th

APA tables and figures

APA preferred spelling

Hyphenation in APA

About this page

This page provides information on the formatting of student papers according to APA 7th edition.

- Use the info on this page for regular assignments. 

For Research Projects or Theses, please use the UWI Thesis Guide

- Guidelines in the Thesis Guide override those recommended in the APA style manual. 

For Professional papers for publications, the guidelines are slightly different. Check the Manual.

APA tables and figures

Student Assignment Cover Page

The following is an example of a cover page for a student assignment.  Do find out if your lecturer has a specific format. If not you can use a similar format to the one below. Add elements not stated there if you wish. Use double-space and bold the title.

For UWI SoE assignments, recommend that you replace affiliation with your UWI ID no,  

Heading Levels (Table 2.3, page 48, APA Publication Manual)

APA Formatting Guidelines

Double-space the paper throughout.
Double-space references, quotations and footnotes
Using the same font throughout the paper

For example, Calibri or Arial, 11-point or Times New Roman or Georgia 12-point

Page numbering:
Arabic numerals; top right corner
1-inch margin on each side of the page
Paragraphs & Indents:
Indent first line of every paragraph & footnote
Remaining lines are flush left


Left align text, only

Do NOT divide words/hyphenate at end of line

Use only one space after a period at the end of a sentence

No running head in student papers

Changes from APA 6th to APA 7th edition

- No Running Head at the top of the page for student papers

- There are changes in Heading Levels  3 to 5

- Increased flexibility in font options


APA - Preferred spelling

email ebook
ereader database
data set emoji (plural: emoji/emojis)


intranet login page (log in - verb)
smartphone the web
webpage website
Wi-Fi username


APA Hyphenation

Prefix Example
anti antisocial
co covariate
non nonsignificant
over overqualified
pre preexisting
pro prosocial




un unbiased
under underappreciated

Use hyphens to prevent temporary compounds from being misread. For example, if a compound adjective appears before a noun, use a hyphen (e.g., decision-making behavior, high-anxiety group). If the compound adjective appears after the noun, a hyphen is usually unnecessary (e.g., behavior related to decision making, group with high anxiety).