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UWI THESIS GUIDE: at-a-glance for the Faculty of Medical Sciences: PRELIMINARY PAGES


  1. Title page
  • Title page is the first; it is not numbered
  • Left margin: 2 inches/ 5cm
  • Right, top, bottom margins: 1 inch/ 2.5 cm
  • Single spacing 
  • All text are centred except "Department... Faculty...Campus" which are left justified
  • No full stop at the end of the title
  • The word 'by" (candidate) is not used for the Taught Masters. see pages 24-27 for the distinctions between the title page formats for the MPhil &PhD theses and the Taught Masters theses
  • Requirements NOT requirement (erratum in UWI Thesis Guide)
  1. Thesis / Dissertation/Research/ Project deposit Licence Agreement
  • To be completed and added to the final version of the thesis at the end fo the process
  1. Abstract
  • Heading: the word ABSTRACT is bold, centred, all capital letters 
  • Thesis title – sentence case or title case i.e. the first letter of major words capitalized, except for articles, prepositions and conjunctions 
  • 300 words or less
  • The abstract page is numbered in roman numerals starting with [ i ]
  • Single spacing
  • 1 paragraph
  • In-text citations are not included
  • Spell out abbreviations
  • Keywords: not less than 6; separate with a semi-colon and place a period at the end
  • Keywords: do not bold; capitalize
  • Keywords: add as necessary Caribbean area; Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago); Trinidad & Tobago
  • Keywords: add any variation of the author’s name  
  1. Acknowledgements
  • Acknowledgements not Acknowledgement 
  • Heading – bold, centred
  • Acknowledgement must be made of any special (UWI etc] funding received, grants, copyright agreements and the supervisor's name
  1. Dedication
  • Heading – bold, centred
  1. Table of contents
  • 1.5 spacing in each section
  • sub-headings should go to 3 levels only e.g. 2.3; 2.3.1;
  • Rows of text for Headings and sub-headings must not  run under columns assigned to chapter numbers and page numbers
  • Do not repeat Table of Contents in the listing
  1. Table of cases
  • If any
  1. Table of statues
  • If any
  1. Table of constitutional Instruments 
  • If any
  1. List of Figures followed by List of Tables, List of Illustrations etc (with pagination)
  • Best layout achieved with borderless tables 
  • List number, title and page number
  • Number tables separately from Figures
  • Double numeration by chapters can be used e.g. Table 1.1, Table 1..2, Table 1.3
  1. Glossary 
  • If any

       l.   List of Abbreviations/ Acronyms                



  • Not the difference between abbreviations and acronyms and apply accordingly
  • Left justify
  • Include meanings (if any)
  1. Preface (if any)
  • If any
  • 1.5 spacing 
  • Tone must be academic and written at an appropriate scholarly level
  • Precludes the introduction



  • Print on one side only
  • White
  • Standard letter-size 8.5 x 11  (216 x 279 mm) OR
  • A4 size (210 x 297 mm)
Page numbering
  • Preliminary pages: lower case roman numerals
  • Text of thesis: Arabic
  • Placement: top right hand corner of each page
  • Same font as text of thesis
  • Size: 11 or 12
  • Type: serif e.g. Times New RomanCourier, Georgia
  • Size 9 font may be used for tables and figures but must be very legible
  • All are bold and centred
  • Bold may or may not be used but be consistent
  • Left or fully justified
  • Black but colour is acceptable for tables, figures and other visuals
  • Standardize the use of UK / US throughout the body of the thesis
Declaration Form
  • Inserted at the post-examination stage
Correction of errors
  • Liquid paper is not to be used in the thesis



  • Italics: students using the Vancouver style may use italics for scientific names only
  • Superscript: not to be employed when formatting using the Vancouver style
  • List of citations: use the term REFERENCES [Vancouver style] and place this before the appendices