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Cabell's Predatory Reports: SIMPLE SEARCH

Cabell's Simple Search

  • Conduct a simple Cabell's search: e.g. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Search by title, ISSN or discipline
  • View results: similar titles may also appear in the results list
  • Select your searched-for title (International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Click on the (hyperlinked) journal title box to view the violations.
  • ‚ÄčNote options to [1] visit the journal website [2] report errors [3] email updates on predatory journals to Cabell's.
  • If your search results reads No journals matched your search criteria, then by and large no violations have been recorded and the journal is not considered to be predatory.
  • To reiterate, do check the last date of review to ensure currency as a factor in your journal-selection decision.