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UWIScholar: UWIScholar FAQ

This guide is an introduction to UWIScholar and outlines how to access and utilize the online platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

UWIScholar Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UWIScholar?

UWIScholar is an online platform managed by the Campus Libraries to showcase the research and expertise of faculty and staff across the UWI Campuses. It captures bio data, research activities projects, publications, courses taught, affiliations and links to social media accounts of researchers.

2. Who can add works to UWIScholar?

All faculty and senior administrative staff of the University of the West Indies Campuses can create a profile in UWIScholar and add their work.

3. I am a new member of faculty, how do I create a profile in UWIScholar?

You may visit the UWIScholar homepage and register. After registering you will receive a username and password. Login in to UWIScholar and populate the profile and add a photo.  As a registered user you can edit your profile as well. You may find more detailed instructions here on creating your profile.

4. Why should I put my works in UWIScholar?

By creating a profile and updating your scholarly out in UWIScholar, it increases the visibility of your research and highlights the research and expertise of faculty here at the UWI to external funders, stakeholders and colleagues at other universities. 

5. What are the benefits of UWIScholar?

UWIScholar is all of the following:

a. A searchable experts database

b. Access to full-text publications of UWI researchers

c. A resource to be used for assessment and promotion

d., A centralised database of biodata of all UWI faculty



6. What about copyright?

Only your bibliographic information can be viewed in UWIScholar. However, in some cases there will be links to the full-text articles where it is possible. Authors retain copyright of all their work.

7. What kind of content can I upload to UWIScholar?

UWIScholar can feature all scholarly activity which include articles in peer review journals, newsletters, conferences presentations, technical reports, podcasts, videos and book chapters

8. How do I register for UWIScholar?

Setting up a UWIScholar account is quite simple. Check out the instructions here.

9. How do I revise a submission to UWIScholar?

Once you have created a profile in UWIScholar, you may edit your profile information. Simply click on the edit button, enter your changes and save.

10. Whom do I contact if I have questions about UWIScholar?

For technical assistance contact 1-868-662-2002 Ext. 82254

For questions about UWIScholar contact your faculty liaison library or a member of the UWIScholar Administration Team

Copyright Policies of Journals

You can check the archiving policies of journals you have published with by searching the SHERPA/ROMEO database.


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