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BBC Caribbean Archive: Subjects

An archive of audio recordings from the British Broadcasting Caribbean Service covering the period 1988-2011



Know the difference between SUBJECT and KEYWORD terms:

Use keywords which describe your topic since some keywords are also subject headings e.g. child abuse

When viewing the full item record of a BBC Report look for the tags “dc.subject.lcsh” to see other subject terms used to describe the topic. Use the heading in a new search to get more results.


Library of Congress Subject Headings:

May be expressed as one word (Abortion) or a phrase (Adult child sexual abuse victims)

Appear in plural form e.g. Politicians not Politician

Are inverted to highlight the more important word e.g. Actors, Black ; Art, Abstract

Do not use slang, highly specific vocabulary, or jargon e.g. Liming (hanging out), horning (infidelity);  Neoplasms. Prefer Socializing, Adultery, and tumors respectively.

Enclose terms in parentheses to:

(i) indicate level of difficulty, e.g. Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Secondary), Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Graduate) ;

(ii) differentiate the heading by discipline e.g. Calypso (Music), Calypso (Greek mythology), Calypso (Game)

(iii) specify place e.g. Trinidad (Uruguay), Trinidad (Sancti Spíitus, Cuba)

Are sometimes subdivided to emphasize a more specific aspect of a broad term e.g. Prime ministers -- Corrupt practices. This heading may be further subdivided by place and time e.g. Prime ministers -- Corrupt practices -- Trinidad and Tobago - - 20th Century (note each subdivision is separated by two dashes)






Search Path

The BBC Caribbean Reports is one of the collections housed in the UWISpace Repository. To search this collection click here or follow the path below.


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