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The World of Carlisle Chang: Art

An exhibit which showcases the content of the Carlisle Chang collection


Carlisle Chang’s art has had great impact on the Caribbean since the 1940s when his name made headlines in art reviews and the newspapers. His painting “Setting Out” is reproduced In the Trinidad Guardian of 11 Nov. 1948 and the writer comments that his work has the “correct blend of colour which harmonises the painting, and makes a fine study.”("Stimulating Exhibition of Art at the RVI.” Trinidad Guardian 11 Nov. 1948. Print.)

Registry of His Art

Here is a list of some of the paintings/artwork done by Chang. 

Bird Panel 1 and II         Conquerabia  

 The Elements               Gayelle – Stick Fight  

 Javanese Dancer         Koo Koo Actor Boy

Limbo                                 Mavis band   

Pique                                 St. Augustine Estate  

 Setting Out, 1948         Speech Band- Drag Yuh Bow  

 Vendors                           William Oy – Pierrot Grenade


Lost Art

Some of Carlisle Chang's work has been destroyed over the years, the most widely known of these was the mural, Inherent Nobility of Man which was mounted at the Piarco International Airport.