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Pharmacy A-Z: Faculty-Selected Authority Journals for Publication (UWISTA): Q - R


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Records of Natural Products

Publisher[Turkey] : ACG Publications

ISSN: 1307-6167 (Electronic)

Impact Factor:  1.268 [Journal Citation Reports 2019] 

Frequency: Four issues a year  

NLM Title AbbreviationRec Nat Prod

Current Indexing Status: Information not stated


Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

PublisherMacclesfield, UK : Dove Medical Press, c2008-

ISSN: 1179-1594 (Electronic)

Impact Factor:  2.429  [Journal Citation Reports 2019] 

Frequency: Irregular

NLM Title AbbreviationRisk Manag Healthc Policy

Current Indexing Status: Not currently indexed for MEDLINE