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Course Reading List Builder (STA): Steps 11–15

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Course Reading List Builder at The UWI, St. Augustine Campus.

Steps 11–15

Step 11: View Current Reading List


  • To view your reading list, scroll up the search page and click See Current Reading List.

Figure 11: View current reading list

Step 12: Manage Reading List


  • Once you are on a reading list page, you may:
    • 1) Navigate to Search Library Resources; 2) Import from Existing List (lists are stored as Private or Public [see below for comments on privacy status]); 3) Import from EBSCO Folder (beta); 4) Change the privacy status of the list from Private to Public (Public meaning others in myeLearning who are using Course Reading List Builder can view and use your list);
    • 5) Discern the number of Student(s) [who] Have Accessed This List; 6) Add Folder (and then move selected readings to folder); 7) Add Text or Instructions; 8) Add Web Resource (Refer to Step 13 for further guidance on this); 9) Copy and Print-friendly View (i.e. a list of your readings is generated for copying/printing, formatted according to a referencing style of your choice).
    • 10) Sort Order of readings (enter a specific position number or drag and drop); 11) Delete readings from the list; 12) Cite reading (according to selected referencing styles); 13) Discern the number of Student(s) [who] Have Clicked This Reading14) Add Notes (item-specific).

Figure 12: Manage reading list

Step 13: Add Web Resource


  • The Add Web Resource link allows you to link to web-based resources, including other Library-subscribed resource resources, that do not manifest in a Course Resource List Builder search (steps 8–10). Click Add Web Resource and then:
    • For Library-subscribed resources: Follow the instructions provided here to locate, create, and copy the relevant link(s). 
    • For other web resources: Locate and copy the relevant link(s). 
  • Paste the relevant link in the URL box that has been provided. 
  • In the box provided for Title, include a label for your link. 
  • Click Add to Reading List.
  • Do test your link.

Figure 13: Add Web Resource

Step 14: Return to Course


  • To return to your course (homepage) click Return to Course

Figure 14: Return to course

Step 15: View Reading List (Student)


  • To view your reading list as a student would:
    • Click the menu (person icon) on the top right of the screen.
    • Select Switch Role to . . . and then, click Student.

Figure 15: View reading list (student)

Page Contents

  • Step 11: View Current Reading List

  • Step 12: Manage Reading List

  • Step 13: Add Web Resource

  • Step 14: Return to Course

  • Step 15: View Reading List (Student)

Note: Refer to the gallery to the left. To navigate through the steps, use the right/left arrows. To quickly go to a specific step, just click on the corresponding dot below the gallery.