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Academic Integrity (AI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI Squared

This guide will show how artificial intelligence may impact academic integrity, with specific reference to ChatGPT. It will outline students responsibility in the digital era and give tips on how to ethically engage with generative AI chatbots.

What is Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity (AI) has been described as "honest academic work in which ideas and writings are properly cited, and there is no unauthorised assistance in tests and assignments" (Shukr, 2014) 


Academic Integrity in the age of Technology

The need for academic integrity is highlighted in the technological age.

Rapidly developing technology has made it easier for academic integrity to be compromised. 

The proliferation of software, online and technological tools makes it easy and convenient for students to yield to the temptation to present the work of others as their own.

The development and accessibility artificial intelligence content generating tools further complicate the issue.