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SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS (UWISTA): Systematic Reviews at the Medical Sciences Library

Scope of Services

Systematic Reviews: Introduction

What is a systematic review? According to the Cochrane Handbook, systematic reviews "seek to collate evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria in order to answer a specific research question. They aim to minimize bias by using explicit, systematic methods documented in advance with a protocol."

The Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, recommends that a researcher “work with a librarian or other information specialist trained in performing systematic reviews to plan the search strategy” [Standard 3.22]. The Medical Sciences Library will provide support for systematic reviews as a new initiative from the new Academic Year, September, 2020. Initially services provided will be at a basic level and aimed at providing assistance to students and Faculty beyond the literature search. 

Translate a research question or statement into an expert search strategy
  • Provide assistance with formulating searches
  • Advise on appropriate search filters

Direct the researcher to information sources

  • Identify key databases for conducting systematic literature search

Search the topic for other systematic reviews and grey literature

  • Document the search process

Link to document delivery service

  • Provided assistance with citation management using End Note