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Professor Walter Rodney: Library material

The life and times of Walter Rodney


Walter Rodney.   A history of the Guyanese working people, 1881-1905

Walter Rodney.   A history of the Upper Guinea Coast, 1545-1800

Rupert Charles Lewis.   A study of Walter Rodney's intellectual and political thought

Molefi Kete Asante & Abu S. Abarry.   African intellectual heritage: a book of sources

Walter Rodney.   African slavery and other forms of social oppression on the Upper Guinea Coast in the context of the Atlantic slave trade

Unknown.     And finally, they killed him: speeches and poems at a memorial rally for Walter Rodney, 1942-80, Oduduwa Hall, University of Ife, Nigeria, Friday, June 27, 1980.

Walter Rodney.   Barbadian immigration into British Guiana, 1863-1924

Thompson, Alvin O.   Black Africa and the European partition

Michael Gilkes.   Creative schizophrenia: The Caribbean cultural challenge

Emancipation: The African-Guyanese Achievement, no.3, 1995. 200th anniversary of the Demerara maroon war

Clem Seecharan.   Finding myself: essays on race, politics and culture

J.E. Inikori.   Forced migration: the impact of the export slave trade on African societies

Walter Rodney.   From niggeryard to village

Caribbean Dialogue vol3 no4 June/July 1977.   Guyana’s economy and the working people.

Colin Prescod.   Guyana's socialism: an interview with Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney.   Guyanese sugar plantations in the late nineteenth century: a contemporary description from the "Argosy"

Walter Rodney.   How Europe underdeveloped Africa

Clive Thomas.      Hoyte's economic dynamism, can it work: the Walter Rodney lecture, 1986

Walter Rodney.    Immigrants and racial attitude in Guyanese history

Walter Rodney.   Industrial and social struggles of the creole African working people Alistair Hennessy Intellectuals in the twentieth-century Caribbean

Walter Rodney.   Kofi Baadu out of Africa

Koudmen.   Issues in Dominican development

Walter Rodney.    OYE: his last speech on the Mall, Georgetown June 6, 1980

Walter Rodney.   People’s power no dictator and the struggle goes on: two moving speeches

Walter Rodney.   Plantation society in Guyana

Proceedings: a commemorative symposium in honour of Professors Elsa Goveia and Walter Rodney

Manning Marable.   Race, class and democracy: Walter Rodney's thoughts on the Black American struggle

Horace Campbell.   Rasta and resistance: from Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney

Accabre Nkofi.   Rebirth of the black man

Adrian Fraser.   Rodney, historian and political activist

Walter Rodney.   Sign of the times: Rodney's last speech, 6/6/80

Walter Rodney.   Struggles of the Indian immigrant workforce

Walter Rodney.   Subject races and class contradictions in Guyanese history

Walter Rodney.   Support for liberation struggles in Southern Africa

The 1970 Black Power Revolution: reflections 20 years later: selected papers [of conference], April 19-21, 1990.

Rupert Lewis, Norman Girvan, Kenneth O. Hall and Edward Kamau Braithwaite.    The African Studies Association of the West Indies bulletin no. 6: Walter Rodney's "how Europe underdeveloped Africa: four comments"

David Northrup.   The Atlantic slave trade

Walter Rodney.   The birth of the Guyanese working class and the first sugar strikes, 1840/41 and 1847

Walter Rodney.   The Caribbean and Africa: The making of an organic intellectual

Walter Rodney.   The colonial economy: observations on British Guiana and Tanganyika

Walter Rodney.   The groundings with my brothers

H. Goulbourne.   The state, politics and violence in the Anglophone Caribbean

Walter Rodney.   Upper Guinea and the significance of the origins of Africans enslaved in the New World

Eusi Kwayana.   Walter Rodney

Arnold Gibbons.       Walter Rodney and his times

C.L.R. James.  Walter Rodney and the question of power

Walter Rodney speaks: The making of an African intellectual

Edward A. Alpers and Pierre-Michel Fontaine.   Walter Rodney, revolutionary and scholar: a tribute

Walter Rodney.   West Africa and the Atlantic slave-trade

Walter Rodney.   Yes to Marxism: Marxism and African liberation

Insight: voice of Cave Hill Vol. 1 no. 1 1981

Henry Fraser. UWI: a photographic journey

Anthony J. Payne. Governments, intellectuals and international relations: the politics of the University of the West Indies 1968-84