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Cataloguing Section Responsibilites: Original and copy cataloguing, Authority control, Metadata for digitized collection, UWI-MINET, OPAC Maintenance, and Retrospective Conversion

RDA 10 easy steps to cataloguing a book

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The Cataloguing Section is considered the hub of the library.  All acquisitions of the library whether by purchases, gifts or donations must be analysed by the cataloguing section and go through a process before the items are ready for the shelf.  Cataloguing's primary function is to create bibliographic records for all items and upload these to the OPAC making them accessible to users. This process is achieved by describing the items, assigning subject headings and call numbers and practicing authority control.

Specific subject terms must be assigned to the items in hand using controlled vocabulary as well as keywords that will be used by the Patrons to assist them in locating these materials in the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). 









RDA - New Standards

New RDA Standards

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