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UWISpace - The University of the West Indies Institutional Repository: Starting a Community in UWISpace

Community Startup Procedures

This section presents the tasks required to start a UWISpace Community.

Preparation Phase

  • Initial contact with prospective community
  • Demonstrate UWISpace to wider community group
  • Make UWISpace documentation available (policy documents, workflow options)
  • Assign a Community Coordinator

Community defines and provides:

  • Community page information and logo
  • Collection access policies
  • Defaults for metadata submission form
  • Collection page(s) information and logo
  • Workflow for content submissions for each collection
    • workflow details for each collection
    • list of authorized people for each workflow role (submitter, reviewer, metadata editor, coordinator)

UWISpace administrators provide:

  • Community page
  • Collection pages
  • Submitter authorizations
  • Access control
  • Workflow roles authorizations
  • Training session(s)

Establishing the Community Environment

Working with the Community, the UWISpace User Support Librarian, or someone on the UWISpace team, gathers information about the Community and directs the process for setting it up in the repository. This includes the following tasks:

  • Outline how the community will work together with the UWISpace team/library to create the service.
  • Establish community policies – who can submit, who has access, etc.
  • Create a list of faculty and researchers
  • Set up community workflows for processing and submissions
  • Define metadata and controlled vocabulary requirements
  • Create the community’s portal page, using a logo, news items, description of the community, links, etc.
  • Establish the community’s collections