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APA 7th Edition Guide: Student Papers & Professional Papers

Compiled by Dr. Alicia Palmer, Ed.D, M.A., M.Sc., B.Ed., Grad Cert Tech. from resources within the LibGuide Community and APA

Student & Professional Papers Are Different

The APA 7th ed. specifies distinct criteria for student papers and professional papers. Be sure to check with your professor to ensure you select using the correct format. This page gives you an overview for each type including an in-depth video on setting up your paper. 

Seventh Edition for Students

Seventh Edition for Students

In the new edition, APA has created a student paper which is broad and flexible because students submit their papers to institutions rather than to an APA journal.

Student papers should include:

  • Title page
    • Paper titleAuthor
    • Affiliation  
    • Course name & number (PSY204)
    • Instructor name
    • Due date (November 4, 2020)  
  • Page number
  • Reference List

Student papers do not typically include a running head, author note, or an abstract, unless required by their instructor.

To see an example of the official format of a student paper, click the student sample paper link below:

For those who prefer to watch, listen, and learn this video may be helpful for learning how to set-up your student paper. 

Student Paper APA 7 Checklist

Seventh Edition for Professionals

Seventh Edition for Professionals

Paper elements appear in various combinations depending on the nature of the work. Author's seeking publication should refer to the journal's instructions that are different from or in addition to those specified by APA style.

Manuscripts submitted for publication by professionals should always include:

  • Title page
    • Paper title 
    • Author name
    • Affiliation
    • Author note 
    • Running head 
    • Page numbers 
  • Abstract 
  • Reference list 

‚ÄčPapers may also include keywords, footnotes, tables, figures, appendices, and/or supplemental materials.

To see an example of the official format of a professional paper, click the professional sample paper link below:

APA Style 7th Edition: Professional Paper Formatting