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AJL Know Your Library Series (STA): Welcome to The AJL

This guide offers access to helpful videos about The Alma Jordan Library's collections, facilities, resources, and services.

The Alma Jordan Library (AJL) has created short videos to assist you (students and staff) with becoming more familiar with our collections and resources, facilities, and services. 

The AJL's Know Your Library Series includes: Welcome to The Alma Jordan Library; Know Your Faculty Liaison LibrariansConnecting from Off CampusUWIlinC: Course Reserves & More (Part 1)UWIlinC: Course Reserves & More (Part 2); Borrowing & Returns (Part 1); Borrowing & Returns (Part 2); Borrowing & Returns (Part 3)Access Points for Electronic ResourcesAdditional supporting videos include: Message from the Campus LibrarianOverview of AJL Website; About Student MiFi DevicesLocating UWI Theses

Stay tuned for more videos! Should you have any questions, do Ask A Librarian.

In this video we will briefly introduce you to The Alma Jordan Library, our services and resources and tell you a bit about our “Know Your Library Series” which we have created just for you!


This series started in 2020. As such, the videos are a "snapshot" in time. Every effort will be made to update the videos to reflect current facilities, resources, services, and staffing. However, this is an ongoing process. Should you have comments, concerns, questions about the same, do Ask a Librarian.

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