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Citation Analysis, simplified - measuring your research impact (UWISTA): Google Scholar

Use this guide to find information about: • Citation analysis • Author citation analysis using Google Scholar • The ISI Web of Knowledge database • Journal Impact Factor • Other related information

Google Scholar

Open the attached file for simple steps on creating a Google Scholar profile.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar & Citation Analysis



Use Google Scholar to find scholarly literature such as articles, theses, books, abstracts and court  opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and web sites.

Google Scholar Document Ranking

Google Scholar weighs the full text of each document, its publisher details, the author/s and how often and how recently it has been cited in other scholarly literature.

Why use Google Scholar to conduct citation analysis queries?

Google Scholar indexes information from multiple online sources published in a variety of formats and may retrieve citations that were not indexed in Web of Science.

Google Scholar Citations for Authors

Google Scholar Citations allows authors to keep track of citations to their articles. Authors can check who is citing their work and engage in citation metrics over time.


Google Scholar Citation Gadget

Google Scholar Universal Gadget enables users to search for the total number of citations of author(s). It provides a total citation count, total number of cited publications and Jorge E. Hirsch's H-Index

Please note that this tool is as accurate or as inaccurate as Google Scholar itself.

Click here to access the Google Scholar Gadget

Citation Counts using Screenshots


Search for the author by entering the author’s surname in the search box

e.g. Dwarika-Bhagat


Refine your search by using quotation marks with the author’s full name in the order in which it might be cited

e.g. "Dwarika-Bhagat, Niala”  or “Dwarika-Bhagat, N”  


* TIP 1: for best results enter the author’s name in the various ways that they may be cited

* TIP 2: When any part of the name is both a Proper and common noun, e.g. “steel” use the "author:" operator. This operator only affects the search term that immediately follows it, and there must be no space between "author:" and your search term.



This item has been cited in two publications

Results will be listed (generally) with the most-cited publications first.  To see the list of citing documents, click on below an entry to display all citing documents. Google Scholar will attempt to group all versions of a single work into one entry and combine the citations, but please note that it is not always able to do so, and you may see additional entried (with citations) to a work.