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Clinical Programme: Information Resources, UWI FMS St. Augustine: Database Access

This libguide was prepared for students and staff of the UWI, FMS, St Augustine, MBBS Clinical Programme. It provides information about the services of the Medical Sciences Library that are accessible to Users away from the campus as well as the resources


Point-of-care Databases:

General Medical Databases and Other Resources:



Due to terms and conditions in licensing agreements, access to certain databases is restricted to registered students, current faculty, and staff of the UWISTA. The databases to which this applies are indicated as "UWI-subscribed" in the A-Z Database menu.For more detailed guidance, visit   E-resources FAQs.


Medical  Databases 

The listing of medical databases can be accessed by clicking "advanced search" and selecting "medical sciences" from the drop menu at this link

These 2 online library guides provide further support for databases searching with explanatory notes: 


Reminder: Off-Campus Access

  •  While accessing e-resources off-campus, using your myeLearning student / UWI staff login credentials to gain access to the databases.
  • Click past the various browser firewalls to progress with authentication.
  • Remember to authenticate upon UWIlinC login, if you have not done so already.
  • Tech Support FAQs (click link)