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Caribbean Library Journal

Call for Papers

Call For Papers 

CLJ is an open access peer-reviewed online journal which focuses on the practice and research of Caribbean librarianship and the information management of Caribbean resources globally. It publishes original research written by Caribbean librarians, information scientists and library school faculty and students, as well as by information professionals from outside the Caribbean region who work with, or conduct research on Caribbean materials. Currently, CLJ is only able to accept publications in English.

The CLJ team will work with new authors and persons with innovative ways of presenting scholarship in the Web 2.0 environment. A section of the journal is assigned to pushing the boundaries of Caribbean scholarship and publications. CLJ will accept visual essays, video presentations, technical coding with explanations on library and information, illustrated guides on how to solve library and archival issues. We look forward to publishing the first submission in this area.

The key areas under which the submissions will be classified are:

  • Articles
  • Visual/Web 2.0/Technical presentations
  • Book Reviews

All submissions will undergo a process of peer review before publication.

The CLJ is published and maintained by The University of the West Indies using the Open Journal System.

Please view our manuscript guidelines.