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UWIlinC: Signing In & Signing Out

UWIlinC is the e-information portal for the UWI Libraries which allows search and discovery from a single interface

Signing In

Why Should I Sign In?

When you sign into UWIlinC, you are able to do the following:

  • Set preferences for your current and future sessions. You can set your preferences so that they reflect the way you usually search, and save them for future sessions.
  • Add items you found and queries you submitted permanently to your basket. You can save items from your results list to your basket and you can save queries that you have performed for future use.
  • Set alerts for your queries. You can set a query to become an alert, that is, to run automatically and send you email notification once it locates new items answering your search criteria.
  • Access external licensed resources. The institution offers licensed information resources to its users. Once you sign in, you can search and retrieve items from these additional resources.
  • Tag and review items. You can assign words or phrases to items to help you organize and locate items later. Since tags are made public, other users can view your tags and use them. Additionally, you can review items to share your opinions with others.

Signing Out

Why Should I Sign Out?

You should sign out of UWIlinC so that your searches remain private and your personal settings and basket are not tampered with by anyone else.

Link to UWIlinC

Click image above to access UWIlinC

Accessing UWIlinC

UWI students, faculty, and staff can connect to the Library's resources using UWIlinC using the off campus proxy server. Accessing the resources off campus by signing in means that authenticated users can access all of the resources licensed by the UWI Library, including e-journals, e-books and full-text publications. Use your default library login credentials, in this case your user name is your UWI ID number and the password is your date of birth written in the format YYYYMMDD.

How to Sign into UWIlinC

How do I Sign into UWIlinC?

  • Select Sign in (1) at the top right of the UWIlinC screen
  • Enter your UWI ID number and UWI password.
  • When you have signed in, the word Guest will change and your name will appear (2)

How to sign out of UWIlinC?

How do I sign out of UWIlinC?

  • Select sign out at the top right of the UWIlinC screen