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The PhD & Library Scrutiny: The Thesis Process

Tools and tips offered towards understanding the Library's role in the PhD thesis process at the UWI St Augustine Campus


This pdf document outlines some considerations in determining your readiness in completing the thesis process.

The Thesis Coach

Here you will find helpful tips on writing a thesis and completing your graduate work. Get your Masters or PhD in record time with the The Thesis Coach.

THe UWI Grad Blog

The UWI Grad Blog allows you to speak your mind about your programmes, your courses and improvements you would like to see in general on your campus. Post your field trips, your successes in terms of publications, give checklists and tips to your friends and colleagues in your programme.


Welcome to the Graduate Studies and Research Information Portal (GRIP) at The University of the West Indies (UWI). This site is a gateway to all four (4) Campuses (i.e. Cave Hill, Mona, St. Augustine and Open Campuses) and consolidates information from their sites enabling easy access to more information on Graduate Studies and Research.

Flowchart of the Library Process

The Library ensures that every thesis conforms to UWI's thesis guidelines. It is mandatory to consult your Librarians before you submit the final version of your paper to the School for Graduate Studies and Research.

See below an idea of the Mphil/PhD thesis routing process through the campus libraries network, this takes, on average, one month.


1. Student submits thesis and CD to SGSR

2. SGSR submits one unbound copy of the thesis and CD to the Alma Jordan Library

3. The thesis coordinator at the Alma Jordan Library forwards the thesis to the requisite Library/Librarian and the student is advised to contact this person within two weeks

4. The student is advised by the Library whether or not University requirements have been met and proceeds to SGSR for the next step.


1. Student submits one corrected copy of unbound thesis with CD to SGSR

2. SGSR submits one copy of the thesis and CD to the Alma Jordan Library

3. The thesis coordinator at the Alma Jordan Library forwards the thesis to the requisite Library/Librarian, if it is correct, it is certified and sent back to the SGSR

4.  If the thesis is not accepted, the thesis and CD are returned and the student is asked to make corrections as outlined in the thesis guide.

5. Student is advised if it has been accepted for hard binding and is asked to furnish 3 soft bound copies to the Alma Jordan Library.

A thesis which is accepted by the University for the award of a Higher Degree is placed in the University Libraries. The copyright of the thesis is retained by the author.