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Research Ethics: Thesis guide

A guide to the policies concerning plagiarism at UWI St Augustine

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What is a thesis?

A thesis conveys the results of the independent study and research carried out by the Graduate Student. It is necessary for Graduate Students, Supervisors, Advisory Committees and Examiners to ensure that the qualitative and quantitative distinction between the M.Phil Degree and Ph.D Degree be understood and maintained.


A Master's Thesis reviews the state of knowledge in a particular field, creates and evaluates a new design or novel experiments in a particular aspect of an area of study or makes an appropriate critique or interpretation of the subject.

The Master's Thesis should be evidence of the Graduate Student's ability to review effectively the relevant literature in the field, to undertake independent research and to present the results in a clear, systematic and scholarly form.

It is expected that a Master's Thesis will make at least some independent contribution to knowledge or understanding in the area in subject area in which the student is working.


A Doctoral Thesis must set forth a significant contribution to knowledge or understanding, adding or critiquing through approved research methodologies to the current theoretical underpinnings and thinking in the student’s field of study.

The Thesis must be set in a scholarly manner demonstrating the original and independent investigation conducted and setting forth unambiguously its achievements and contribution.

The Doctoral Thesis must reflect not only mastery of the subject area under investigation and competence in research techniques , but also the ability to select an important problem for investigation and deal with it in a mature, competent manner.

The Doctoral Degree is, by nature and tradition, the highest certificate of membership in the academic community. It is meant to indicate the presence of superior qualities of mind, intellectual interest and high attainment and knowledge in the chosen field. It is not conferred merely as a certificate to a prescribed course of study and research, no matter how long or how faithfully pursued. High intellectual, independent achievement is a necessary prerequisite to its conferment.



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