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COVID-19: The Alma Jordan Library's Resources & Services (STA): Linking For Off-campus Access

This guide offers up-to-date information on the resources and services as offered by The Alma Jordan Library (AJL) during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

About Linking

UWI STA students, faculty and staff may wish to share links to The AJL's subscribed resources with current members of the UWI STA community. Typically, copying and pasting the link from a browser's address bar will not produce a durable link. This page provides instructions on:

Before sharing subscribed content, do note that:

  • Due to terms and conditions in licensing agreements, access to certain electronic resources (e-resources), are restricted to registered students, current faculty and staff of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.
  • Rather than embedding/attaching full-text documents, students and staff are encouraged to link to those resources. The Library derives its core database usage statistics from links (clicks).
  • For more information about access to and use of The AJL's subscribed resources, do visit our E-resources FAQs (specifically the How To Access E-resources, Who Can Use E-resources and Copyright Issues With E-resources tabs).


Linking to Subscribed Database Content


  • Locate a full-text item via an AJL-subscribed database.
  • Copy the link to the full-text item. Specifically, look out for a link that has been labelled as digital object identifier (DOI) or document, durable, stable, static, permanent link/URL or permalink. Do not copy the link from browser’s address bar unless you have been advised by the resource to do so.
  • Copy and paste the link.
  • If that link does not already include the word proxy somewhere in its string, paste the following before the link, no spaces between the two links: ​
  • Test your link. You may be prompted to enter your UWI STA credentials.


Example (proxy address to be manually inserted):


Screenshot (proxy address automatically inserted):

Linking to Subscribed Databases


  • Go to The AJL's Databases A-Z list.
  • Right click on the link for a database of interest.
  • Click Copy Link Address and paste.



Linking to UWIlinC Content


  • Locate an item via UWIlinC.
  • Click Additional Services -- Actions -- Permalink
    • Note: Actions -- Permalink also available via the following tabs Request, Locations, Reviews & Tags
  • Copy and paste permalink.



UWIlinC (Permalink)