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UWI Mona Library Orientation: Printing and Photocopying

Learn about the library, its people, resources and services.


Printing is available in the Library via the Pharos printing system. Users of the Library can print documents retrieved from the Web or their own documents from all public access workstations in the Main, Law, Medical and Science Branch Libraries.

Pharos/ Printing accounts may be topped up with a minimum of $50 at RESU in the Main Library or at the Branch Library Circulation Desks.

Printing can also be done at the RESU section by emailing documents to and making cash payment. 




The Reprographic Services Unit (RESU) is a one stop shop for printing, photocopying, scanning, binding and laminating.

  • Library fines may be paid at RESU in the Main Library or at the Circulation Desks in the Branch Libraries.

Photocopy Cards are available for purchase to use the photocopying machines at a cost of $150.00. This includes 20 exposures and a $50.00 deposit which is refunded on the return of the used card. 

Photocopy cards may be purchased from the Reprographic Services Unit (RESU) in the Main Library or from the Circulations Desks in the Law, Medical , Science  and Western Jamaica Branch Libraries.

Please REMEMBER - When photocopying, users are expected to comply with copyright regulations.