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Humanities Division: Search Tips

This guide is directed at students and staff in the various Humanities departments in the Faculty of Humanities & Education. Citing, MLA, Plagiarism, Evaluating sources

More Search Tips

Think about:

SYNONYMS: Words with similar meanings e.g. doubt/uncertainty

RELATED TERMS: e.g. alcoholism/intoxication/addiction

SINGULARS & PLURALS: e.g. woman/women

American/English Spelling: e.g. organization/organization; labor/labour

ACRONYMS: e.g. GM/genetically modified

Basic Search tips

This guide will explain and demonstrate some basic techniques to help you improve your information search techniques--not only for academic research, but also for any kind of online search you may do.

How to begin researching an assignment

Short interactive tutorial.

Search smarter, search faster

Subject Guide