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Humanities Division: Overview

This guide is directed at students and staff in the various Humanities departments in the Faculty of Humanities & Education. Citing, MLA, Plagiarism, Evaluating sources

Audio Visual Resources

The Humanities Division also provides access to a wide range of audiovisual (AV) and multi-media materials including:

  • CDs: This collection includes calypsos, classical and popular music;
  • LPs: This collection includes recordings of classical music, calypsos, spoken works by Shakespeare and readings of English & French poems;
  • Audio Cassette tapes: includes Caribbean music
  • VHS tapes and DVDs: These collections include local TV presentations and some foreign language films (with sub-titles).

AV materials are not for loan but are available for classroom, research and other instructional uses by the UWI faculty and students.  Faculty who wish to reserve AV material & book the AV Room for viewing should call ext. 83363. 

Selected AV Material

Welcome to the Humanities Division

The Humanities

The Humanities Division is located on the 3rd floor of the Alma Jordan Library. There, you will find materials on:

Education, Fine Arts/Architecture, Greek/Latin Language & Literature, History, Library Science, Languages, Literature, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religion, West Indian, Bibliography (labelled REF.hZ).

Selected New Titles-June 2016





Subject Guide

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Karen Eccles

Humanities Division
3rd Floor, Room 302
The Alma Jordan Library
662-2002 Ext. 82262